Mountain Biking the Log Train Trail


My park ranger work season is about three months away, so it’s time to get serious about training. If I’m going to haul chainsaws, tools, and boardwalk up mountains for five or six months, I need to be strong and fit. So, cardio six times a week, weights three times a week, some yoga, and some surfing. In the last six weeks or so, I’ll go through the British Army Fitness Training program.

I’m trying to mix up my workouts, so today I took my mountain bike out on the Log Train Trail, here in Port Alberni. 25 kilometres of abandoned logging-railroad grade, running along the bottom of the Beaufort Range. I’m new to the area, and checked it out today for the first time.

From what I’d read, I expected the trail to be mellow, something people take their baby-joggers on. I didn’t even wear a helmet. But it actually seems to be an access trail to lots of great singletrack. Because of the no-helmet thing, I only went for about 45 minutes today, and stuck to the main trail, but I’ll definitely be back to try out Hare Scrambler and whatever else I can find. If you’re from the area and have any info on the trails, I’d love to hear it.

I passed a couple of things I’ll be coming back to check out, as well. There was a side-trail to Coldwater Falls, and another trail farther on marked “Historic Horne Lake Trail.” Curiouser and curiouser . . . Maybe this weekend.


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