Mountain Biking the Cumberland Trails

Cumberland trails are awesome! Drive up the main street, past the Riding Fool Hostel and Dodge City Cycles, and the access to 150 acres of the Cumberland Community Forest is right there. The trails are all mapped and graded from green to black diamond, and you can easily spend a full day riding.

Sarah and me

My buddy Sarah and I went for a quick ride the other day, which meant two hours instead of four or five. Every ride starts out with a long climb up the gravel logging road (seems like every post on this blog starts with that!!). The main section of trails is composed mostly of intermediate blue, making it challenging but do-able. There are a lot of roots, and some areas are rocky, and you come across trials and jumps all over the place. I like working on a few trails over and over again, until I can ride the whole thing without touching down.

After a bit of a climb, we cut out onto Missing Link. It ends up at a great viewpoint over Comox and Georgia Strait, across to the mountains on the mainland.


After some downhill, we joined up with Two & A Juice, which then comes out at the bottom of Buggered Pig. If you’re ever in a real hurry, a good half hour to 45-minute loop is to climb Buggered Pig, a trail full of roots and raised skinnies, and then bomb down smooth, cruisy Bronco’s Perseverance. But anyway. We climbed BP, attempting some of those bridges and skinnies along the way. From there we had a long climb, back on the gravel again, up to Sykes Bridge. We were planning on going all the way up to Blue Collar, but ran out of time, and ended up jumping on Teapot instead. That plus That Dam Trail gave us some sweet downhill, bringing us out at Allen Lake. From there it was home-time, and we took the gravel road straight down. 


The next thing I want to do is skip all the middle trails, and climb all the way up to Blue Collar to start with. Has anyone done Blue Collar to Double Pumper to 50:1? That looks like a good ride. What’s your favourite route on the Cumberland trail? I highly recommend picking up a bike map at Dodge City Cycles, and checking it out for yourself. 


3 thoughts on “Mountain Biking the Cumberland Trails

  1. A great way to travel and see the marvels of nature!

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